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FHM Philippines Erotica. Ladies Confessions Special Vol.2 - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. FHM. FHM Ladies Confessions - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or I was 19 when I went home to the Philippines for Christmas. FHM Philippines - Ladies Confession Volume trekouthemsogold.tk - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online.

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Fhm Philippines Ladies Confession Pdf

ladies' confessions on trekouthemsogold.tk FHM Ladies' Confession: Good Morning, Dear. by. Dating · FHM Ladies Confession: I'll Take Care Of You · Dating. Please research mirrors if you cannot find the download links for "FHM Philippines - Ladies' Confession Volume 3" in the "Description" and. FHM Philippines - Ladies' Confession Volume 3. Apr 15, / Adult 18+ / English. FHM Philippines - Ladies' Confession Volume 3. READ ONLINE MB.

Full description Read Free For 30 Days Trike does motel service My boyfriend once visited me at our house riding on a tricycle he borrowed from his brother. We were talking just outside the gate, where there was not much light. He became so aroused that he decided we should do a quickie right then and there, inside the trike! I was wearing a skirt then, so it was easy for him to hoist my hips to his and slip his shaft in. He pounded me hard, once in a while stopping whenever a car would pass by. I doubt if the tricycle was a good enough cover for us but it was a great nookie. I was bitin because of all the abrupt pauses though, but hey fucking on a tricycle? That should be an original. Before he went to the States he was all ugly and nerdy but living abroad changed him a lot—when I saw him he looked amazing. Yup, I did it with my cousin. It happened one night before he was to go back to the States. Since I was the one who served as his guide during his stay we had become inseparable. On his last night he invited me to sleep o ver at their place. Because he was a relative, my folks agreed. Now, the place had one large room with two beds and a spare.

August 11, , Domingo signed. Daiana Menezes: Maxim Philippines June covergirl. FHM Philippines July issue.

Articles about fhm ladies' confessions

Login with username, password and session length. August 11, , Domingo.. FHM Latvia FHM Spain Come and download fhm philippines november absolutely for free. Fast downloads.. Fhm philippines june pdf. It was then that I realized we were both naked…in front of the burglar! Grrr… Knock, knock My boyfriend drove me home one Saturday night.

When we arrived at our place it was really dark, the lights were out.

Fhm philippines ladies confession pdf free download

My parents slept in the room nearest the main door, so knowing they were already sleeping I knocked and called out to them.

He squeezed and bit my nipples through my bra. He then slid his fingers inside my panties and started to play with my clit. It really turned me on, him finger-fucking finger-fucking me while sucking my nipples.

It was really great! I was still knocking on the door while the whole thing was going on. And just when I was about to come, the lights turned on and the door opened, my father standing before us. My boyfriend and I were so shocked! Seeing what we were doing my father suddenly grabbed his chest and began to moan himself. He had a heart attack! We rushed him to the hospital.

FHM Philippines - Ladies Confession [Complete] Download

I was so confused at that time. Thank God my father regained consciousness. We are now very busy, preparing for our wedding. The jerk. So I got even.

Two weeks after our breakup, I went to his pad pretending to just bring his stuff over. The moment he opened the door I pulled him and kissed him passionately that he almost fell to the floor.

I pushed him to the bed and took off his clothes. Real jerk! As he was coming, the door flew open and the old hag stood there catching us red-handed.

It was the funniest sight! Her face went pale upon seeing that it was I on top of her man, while still holding her phone to her ear. She run off and broke up with him that night. This happened when I was a freshman at a university in Baguio. We agreed to meet at the grounds of his school and go to a more secluded spot so that we could talk privately. He took me to an empty john and we began kissing. As I was undoing his uniform he was sucking real nice on my nips through my shirt.

I sat him on one of the crappers, mounted him, sliding his cock into me very smoothly. We finished, went out undetected, and pretended nothing had happened. We could have gotten away clean had it not been for the lipstick mark I had left on his cheek, which some of his batch mates saw and got an idea from. Some went to the nearby grocery and market to do the shopping, while the rest of us stayed home to do other chores.

There were four of us left at the vacation house: me and three other guys, including my crush. While the others were gone, my crush and I went inside the bedroom to watch a movie. The other two guys went in the next room to play cards. When I glanced at him, I found him staring already.

FHM Philippines - Ladies' Confession Volume 3

It felt awkward but I maintained eye contact. He then stood up, firmly placed his hand behind my neck, and kissed me, his tongue forcing its way into my open mouth. He stopped and guided my hand to his crotch area. I felt his cock hard, ready for action. I was still sitting on the bed and knowing what he wanted. We kissed and groped each other like there was no tomorrow. As his hands went down my shorts and into my panties, I let out a repressed moan.

When he opened his pants to reveal his erect soldier, I knelt down give him the best blowjob a guy can get. Afterward, he propped me up, my hands against the wall, and my legs spread wide open.

He pulled my shorts and panties down. He has his jeans pulled down already. He had one of his hands on my ass and one on my mouth. I was on the verge o f biting his finger off.

We were like that for almost an hour. I even felt him burst inside me. We finished right on time. The gate creaked suddenly—the others were back from the grocery, telling us it was time to cook.


Needless to say we already had the main course. One late evening on the graveyard shift, I found myself alone in the ER with another volunteer nurse—a dusky guy with a fine physique and a nice goatee that turned me on. Blame the smell of the ER or the boredom of the night, but we just found ourselves looking at each other then suddenly giving it a go at one of the beds there.

We were exchanging fluids when the ambulance siren blasted in the air.

Damn, just as we were on the edge, a bleeding patient comes in. The ER doctor came and assessed the bleeding. He noticed a red cloth near the patient and, the situation being an emergency, he got hold of it to stop the blood flowing. It was my thong. For the next 12 hours on duty, it was windy between my legs! They were planning on having a Lord of the Rings marathon and being the resident ate, I had to stay up and take care of them. When we finished at around 1AM, we were all pretty exhausted.

I was collapsed on the bed already when I realized I had left the TV and the lights switched on downstairs. I went downstairs and was shocked! I sat on the bottom step of the stairs and started massaging my breast with one hand and sliding my finger up and down my slit thru my panties with the other. So I approached the fat, pimply little boy and told him it was past his bedtime. In shock, he fell on the floor and I saw his erection rapidly deflating. He reached up and started massaging my breasts.

But between his ministrations and the cold air-conditioning, air-conditioning, my nipples were soon hard and I wanted more. I teased him a bit, but soon guided him to the love tunnel. I began gyrating, extremely turned on by the nastiness of the situation, by his moans of pleasure.

No experienced man has ever given that much control in a long time. He accepted and asked for my cell number as well, which I, of course, gave. Since then we became avid textmates, eventually becoming a couple just by texting each other. The time came when he asked to meet—the agreement was that if he saw me and liked me, he would kiss me for 15 seconds without saying a word.

Later I found out that he had booked us in a hotel. Well, I never thought that the second kiss I missed would turn out to be five hours of intense lovemaking. It took us that long because, well, it was my first time to do it. I woke up the next morning feeling this strange heat inside my vagina, as though he was deep in me, thrusting hard.

Now I know it was orgasm, sweet orgasm. What happened that morning? Things got steamy with him telling me what to do with my fingers. Later, he whispered over the phone that it would be real hot if he would just scoot over and finish off the deed himself. How could I refuse when I was all wet and ready for him?

He found me in the bedroom all naked. He gave me the best tongue any pussy one could ever receive.

After a few minutes, our maid stormed in my room, panting like crazy, with a knife in her hand. The maid made a big fuss about it and called my mom to give an account of the incident. I live alone in a pad. One time, a friend—a lesbian—dropped lesbian—dropped by to do some schoolwork. My brother was there, too. So while kuya was watching TV in the living room, my butch friend and I stayed in my room. She was a bit shocked but my moist pussy got the best of her. Her deft fingers digging into my orifice felt so good I was consumed in lust.

I felt the imminent burst of orgasm when, suddenly, my brother came through the door. My friend and I were shocked. My brother froze but managed to walk away without a word. I wanted to be with my guy so I asked him to help me out. My older sister and my younger brother were also at home that time—my sister being the tenant at our mini store and my younger brother busy with his PC game. While working on my project I started to get so horny that I insisted on having sex.

But we took it slow by doing the small, dirty things first: He massaged my boobs while I felt up his big cock—this happened while my brother, with his back to us, concentrated on his game.

When things started to heat up even more I suggested that we have a quickie in the toilet. When we got in, we started the show immediately. He banged me so hard doggy style but my very makulit little brother kept on chatting with my guy while we were both in the middle of sex! Read Free For 30 Days The best computer game ever! In a fit of spontaneity I gave him a lingering kiss, which proved powerful enough to divert his attention.

We then traded places—I sat to play his game and he pulled a chair and sat behind me, wrapping his arms around me, discreetly groping for my pussy. My boyfriend is great at finger-fucking finger-fucking so he knew exactly which buttons to push. Returning the favor, I made like I was sleeping on his lap but actually was swallowing his cock whole.

I licked and sucked till I could feel him clutching my shoulder really hard, which meant that he was about to come. It was a really satisfying experience and my first time doing it o ut in the open, and we finished just in time when people started arriving. Bloodlust My boyfriend did a detour at a motel after he accompanied me to a job interview. As it was a stressful day, I knew I needed good sex.

We almost burned a hole right through the bed with the heat of our fucking and I have to say the sex just made the stress disappear disappear in an instant. But after it all I then I realized it was the second day of my monthly period.

Looking down on the bed sheet, we were shocked to find bloodstains all over. I had only known him for a year, I knew we were both attached, but the thought of it thrilled me no end so I accepted his indecent proposal.

So began our fuck-buddy relationship. The first try was so good I could no longer say no to him every time he asked me out—I always anticipated the sex, how his dick fit my pussy perfectly, the different positions we would do, and how he would let me moan wildly.

In one of our scheduled fuck dates, I wore my see-through bra and silk panties. It made him so horny we fucked hard like never before. He did me in bed, on the table, propped up a chair, on the sink.

It was so good I came several times. Before we parted ways, my phone rang. It was my boyfriend! The superwoman I thought I was, I agreed. I instantly dozed off after one round. It was too late to realize that I forgot to erase the steamy text messages I exchanged with my fuck buddy, and my boyfriend read them all!

I texted him to say sorry and he forgave me. My girl and I were having a DVD marathon at my place. In the middle of one movie, caught in the throes of cuddling and groping, we buttered ourselves up for a bout of quickie sex.

But as I was licking and eating her delicious cabbage, the door suddenly opened and to my surprise, it was my mom and a friend of ours. There they were at the door, staring at us in a most uncomfortable way. Mapupunta na kayo sa langit. Reach out your hand and touch me!

Sitting in the middle part of a cramped FX going home one late night, I suddenly felt an elbow touch my left breast. I looked beside me and found that it was a guy—and the guy was very cute. The touch electrified me. I pretended to breathe deeply to arch my chest. He must have felt it because, slowly after, I could sense his fingers going over my blouse, tenderly touching my nipple.

It was my first time to experience such a scandalous situation, but it was so good. Though reluctant, I gave in. I caressed his inner thigh until I reached his crotch.

His dick was hard and thick that I thought I became wet just then. Thanks to our big bags, we were able to do the groping underneath. He managed to slide his hand under my blouse and lead my hand to unzip his pants.

Too bad it had to end because I had to get off first. My boyfriend and I went to a local spa and got a great offer of a free sauna before the massage. She told us to place a damp face towel on our faces so we could breathe and pour water on the steaming charcoal every three minutes.

While I had my face towel o n, my guy pulled my towel off and started caressing my tits. It felt so damn good I struggled to conceal my moans. He continued kissing me all over while squeezing my tits with one hand and working his fingers down my snatch.

I gave him a head as he poured water on the coal, giving us more steam. In the haze, he took me fro m behind and slid in me, the warmth of his rod felt so good I had to bite my lip to keep quiet. I said we were fine and would be out in a minute. My guy gave the last furious humps and we both came. I came out first as the attendant asked how it was.

Hot and wet and dirty! On one occasion, he was able to convince me to go—besides, I really missed him then—so I went. When I got there, he gave me a tour of the naval ship because because it was my first time to see a real one. Then he started to hug me from behind and started kissing my nape. He then played with my breasts with one hand while the other lifted my skirt, his fingers finding its way inside my undies.

That made me really wet and horny so I begged him to do me r ight then and there. He unzipped his uniform while I slid my undies down to my knees. He entered me from behind and started doing me like crazy. However, before we came, we suddenly heard someone calling for him so we stopped and fixed ourselves hurriedly and went back inside the ship.

I was so pissed that I got so bitin. Done making small talk with a crewmate, he led me inside his cabin and continued where we left off. I knew she had an idea of what I wanted to happen.

We soon lost control—I undressed her in our living room and kissed her breasts. We were caught in the act, both totally naked!

My husband was initially speechless, but next thing I knew he began to take off his clothes. I feared that he might do something violent, but none of that happened. My boyfriend agreed to accompany me since no one in my family could make it, so we were there for the whole three days of it.

After my operation, my boyfriend slept beside me since they had really big beds. Perhaps being beside me having nothing but the hospital gown on made him feel hot and horny in no time. I could feel his instant erection and was really turned on, forgetting the fact I just had been operated.

He entered me spoon position, cupped my other breast, and humped away all the while trying to keep quiet. He came inside of me, which made my pussy all mopped up. And did I mention there were people in the other side of the room with only a curtain between us, with the room being semi private? He used to love me doing that just before I go down on him. He has a fetish of fucking me on a miniskirt so I wore a short babydoll dress—and I bended over to give him a peek of my bum wearing a thong, then faced the camera caressing my big breast.

I gently stroked my nipples as he moved his camera to show me his hard erection. This got me going to do some sexy dancing, showing him my sexy curves and tossing with my long hair as I watched him move his hand up and down his erection on the screen.

He then told me to take my knickers off and sit on a chair fingering myself, with one of my legs up in the air, then later asked me to take everything off and bend over as if he was fucking me from behind. He told me he remembered me sitting on him on that very chair with my breasts on his face. It was all so horny that I got very wet! I came with satisfaction as I watched his cock spitting white all over his hands!

After our first competition, we ended up as the champions after 11 years. The team celebrated and we all went to the shower to get chlorine off our bodies. So we took turns changing and as the only freshman, I had to go in last. He asked me to change with a teammate— our team captain, in fact—at the same time.

When we were inside, my teammate said that I really looked sexy in my swimsuit, so I returned the compliment. While we were changing clothes, my teammate asked me to touch her bare breasts to compare it with mine. I did it with my eyes closed. I felt kind of weird because mine was was nothing compared to hers! But I heard her suddenly moan. When I tried to peek, she suddenly kissed me.

She then pressed her body onto mine and started to take my suit off. I can still remember how my boyfriend and I celebrated our first monthsary. Adidas x Harden Vol. Celebrity Diaries,. Saicy Aguila - FHM.. Hot stuffs in CN on Prettier Confessions Of A.. Volume 1 PDF. Upcoming Movies.. Ladies Confession Volume 6. Manila Standard Today. December 14, by Various..