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A WELL RE-NOWNED BOOK ABOUT THE SEERAH & LIFE OF SAHABAH [R.A]. A MUST READ BOOK. Hayat Us Sahabah Urdu Volume 1 By Shaykh Muhammad Yusuf Kandhelvir.a. Topics islamic books. Collectionopensource. LanguageUrdu. Hayatus Sahabah(Lives of the sahabah) is a book written by Sheikh Muhammad Yusuf Kandhlawi, which aims to portray the life of Sahabah. Sahabah are the.

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Hayatus Sahaba Book In Urdu

Hayatus Sahabah (Urdu). Download how to download hayatus shabah in iphone . Please up load Dare Mukhtar Fiqa Hanfi Book in Urdu. May 18, Hayatus Sahaba all Parts in Urdu PDF Download. Mughal Darbar By Dr Mubarak Ali Pdf Free Free Pdf Books, Urdu Novels, History. The book Hayatus Sahaba Urdu Pdf is an Urdu translation of a famous Arabic book. Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Kandhlawi is the author of the.

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You enjoin good and forbid evil and have Imaan in Allaah 3' 5F. As mentioned in Kanzul Ummaal Vo1. Therefore, whoever does as the Sahabah W,GW did enjoins good and forbids evil shall be among "the best of all nations, who have been raised for the benefit and salvatiw ot mankind. These were the companions of Muhammad , who were the best people of this Ummah.

Their hearts were most pious, their knowledge was deepest and they were least pretentious. You people should therefore emulate their character and mannerisms. By the Rabb of the Kabah! It is also reported by Tayaalisi Pg. Therefore, according to their custom, They shaved off their hair, fought the enemy and were all martyred besides one who lived to tell the tale. After the salaah, Hadhrat Ali B,- turned to his right and appeared to be extremely troubled.

Eventually, when the sun rose the length of a spear's length above the Masjid wall, he performed two Rakaahs of salaah. Thereafter, he turned his hands over and said, "By Allaah 8, 5'i;Z!

I have seen the Sahabah '! ZWjof Rasulullaah and do not see the likes of them anywhere today. In the mornings, their faces were pale, their hair dishevelled, their bodies covkred in dust and between their eyes were the marks of prostration which resembled the marks on the knees of goats.

Their nights were spent prostrating in Sajdah and standing before Allaah 8, 5'i;Z in salaah. When the mornings arrived and they engaged in Dhikr, their bodies would move as the trees do when the gentle wind blows through them. Their eyes would flow with tears until their clothing got wet as if they were remorseful because they had spent their nights in negligence. Hadhrat Diraar bin Damirah Kinaani? Bw replied, "You cannot be excused. He was a man of tremendous strength who always spoke decisively and passed judgement with utmost justice.

Knowledge seemed to burst forth from his every 1 Abu Nu'aym in Hilya Vol. He kept aloof from the world and its attraction, taking comfort from the night and its darkness. Hadhrat Ali 3 - shed many tears and remained in deep thought for long periods. He would often turn his hands over and address himself. He liked simple clothing and coarse unrefined food. He was just like one of us and when we met with him, he would make us sit close to him and ensured that he answered our every question.

Muhammad Yusuf Kandhlawi

Despite him being close to us and us being close to him, we were too overawed to speak to him. When he smiled, his teeth appeared to be a string of pearls. He showed enormous respect towards men learned in the matters of Deen and he showed great love towards the poor.

In front of him, a powerful person never expected to succeed in his false claims and a weak person never lost hope in his justice. He was holding his beard and bending over, displaying the distress of a person bitten by a scorpion. He wept like a bitterly grieved person and I can still hear his cries echoing in my ears as he repeated the words, 'Yaa Rabbanaa! Yaa Rabbanaa! Oh our Rabb! He then address the world saying, '0 world!

Are you trying to deceive me? Are you staring expectantly at me? Get away! Get away and use your charms on someone else because I have divorced you thrice.

Your life is short, your company is demeaning and people easily get into trouble because of you. Oh dear! The provision for the journey to the Aakhirah is meagre, the journey is long and the road is frightening. The people present were also choked with their weeping. He replied, "Yes. However, the Imaan in their hearts still remained firmer than mountains.

In his book fsti2ab Vo1. I have not seen another with a purer heart, who was further from evil, who had as much love for the Aakhirah and who cared more for the well-being of the masses. Pray for mercy to be showered on him and make for the open plain to perform his funeral prayer. I shall certainly heap praises on you but? Zkgt will say nothing untrue because I fear that it may incur Allaah 3, j3Fts wrath.

As far a s I know, you were certainly from among those people who abundantly engaged in the Dhikr of Alhah 3,G3F, who walked humbly on earth and who would greet and part company from foolish people when they addressed you to avoid disputes. You were among those who would neither be miserly nor wasteful when spending in charity, but who display excellent moderation between the two extremes. By Allaah a,WF! You were among those whose hearts submitted to Allaah 8, 5G, who displayed humility, who were compassionate towards orphans and the poor and who detested the behaviour of treacherous and arrogant people.

As Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Abbaas 4? By Allaah 3, 5G! He instructed what was good and always did what was good. He was grateful to Allaah 8,GjZG in all conditions,engaged in Dhikr morning and evening and was hard on himself in matters relevant to reformation. He excelled ahead of his companions in terms of piety, contentment, abstinence, chasteness, virtue, caution, self-discipline and in repaying people for the good they do.

May Allaah 3, 5G1scurses up to the Day of Qiyaamah be on those who deride him. Hadhrat " Abdullaah bin Abbaas 2! He was a great supporter of Islaam, protector of the orphans, a treasure chest of Imaan and a shelter for the weak.

He was truly a sanctuary for the pious, a fortress for Allaah 3, 3G's creation and an ally to every person. Hadhrat " Abdullaah bin Abbaas! By Allaah 3' 3G! He was an extremely honourable son-in-law of Rasulullaah m who kept the company of pious people and was among the most unfaltering soldiers. Throughout the day and night he remained thoughtful about matters of importance, always ready to do anything of virtue and never tiring of completing anything that would lead to salvation.

Among his noble traits was that he stood firmly against every calamity and was the generous sponsor of the Muslim army especially during the Tabook expedition and the sponsor of the well the well of Rooma which he bought from a Jew and donated it to the Muslims.

After all, he was the husband of two of Rasulullaah w ' s daughters. May remorse until the Day of Qiyaamah follow who the person speaks ill ofhim. By Allaah 3, 3G! He was a standard-bearer of knowledge, a fortune of piety, a stronghold of intelligence and a mountain of good.

He was a light to those walking in the pitch darkness and an unrelenting caller to the great possessed profound knowledge of the earlier straight path. Hadhrat Ali? He always clung to the ways of guidance and stayed far from injustice, causing harm to others and from everything destructive. He was the best of those who possessed Imaan and Taqwa and the leader of all those who dressed in sewn garments or in unstitched shawls. He was the most noble of those who performed Hajj and Sa'ee, the most magnanimous of those who administered justice and equity and the most eloquent of people save for the Arnbiyaa and the chosen Rasool of Allaah m.

He was also among those early Muslims who performed salaah facing towards both Qiblas the Kabah and Baytul Maqdas. Can there be any monotheist equal t o him? My eyes - have never seen anyone like him and will never see anyone of his calibre until the Day of Qiyaamah, which is the Day of Meeting.

May the curses of Allaah 8, 3G and the curses of every servant of Allaah 8, 3G until the Day of Qiyaamah be on the one who curses him.

They were both extremely virtuous and pious Muslims who remained extremely pure. They were both martyrs and exceptionally learned men. By Allaah 3, 3F! He was the real brother of Rasulullaah and the delight of his eyes. He possessed deep insight into all matters, always considered the consequences of everything and was adorned by profound knowledge.

The virtue of others fades into the background when his virtues are mentioned and the achievements of other families seem insignificant before the accomplishments of his family. Why should he not be such a great person when he was raised by none other than Abdul Muttalib, who was the most honourable of people.

It also draws attention to the fact that their ardent desire was for mankind to be guided towards the Deen of Allaah and t o enter its fold so that they may be immersed in Allaah's mercy. In additioh to this, it focuses on their tireless efforts to achieve this s o that the creation could be linked to their Creator. Allaah therefore revealed Qur'aanic verses such as: Among them mankind are the fortunate those destined for Jannah and the unfortunate those destined for Jahannam.

Similarly, only those people for whom ill-fortune has been destined in the Lowhul Mahfoodh will go astray. However, Allaah does not do this because forcing people into submission would defeat the object of.

Hayatus Sahabah – Urdu – 3 Volumes Set|حیاتھ الصحابہ

Among this group w a s Abu Jahal. They complained t o Abu Taalib about what his nephew Rasulullaah was saying and doing, including insulting their gods. They expressed the wish that Abu Taalib call for Rasulullaah w and forbid him from what he was doing. When Abu Taalib sent for Rasulullaah w, he promptly arrived and entered the house.

For this reason, Rasulullaah was forced i o sit near the door. Addressing Rasulullaah , Abu Taalib said, '0 my nephew! Why are your people complaining that you insult their gods and tell them s o many things? All I want these people to do is to accept a single statement that would make all the Arabs serve them and make all the non-Arabs pay them taxes. By the oath of your father, we are prepared to accept ten such statements! What is this statement? This is indeed something strange! J J, LL.

Undoubtedly, there is some ulterior motive behind this. We have not heard about such a thing this message in the other religions. This is therefore merely some fabrication. Does some speech revelation descehd on him when he is merely a human being from among us and not an angel?

The truth is that they behavein this manner because they have not yet tasted My punishment. Addressing Abu Taalib, they said, "You are well aware of the high position you hold among us. The condition of your health is apparent and it makes us 'concerned for your life.

Since you know well the differences that exist between us and your nephew, we need you to call him so that you could mediate between us and in doing so acce'pt some of our requests a s well a s some of his. In this manner, he could stop opposing us, we would stop opposing him, he would leave us to our religion and we would leave him to his religion. These prominent leaders of your people have come to you to give you some of your requests and to take from you some of their requests.

I require you people to give me a single statement which would give you control of all the Arabs and which would make the non-Arabs follow you. We are prepared. Tirmidhi has also reported the Hadith and states that the Hadith reliable. Haakim states that the chain of narrators is authentic even though the Hadith is no narrated by Imaams Bukhari and Muslim. This is indeed most strange! This man will not give in to any of your requests.

Let us leave and continue practising the religion of our forefathers until Allaah decides! When they had all left Abu Taalib said to Rasulullaah w, "0 my nephew, I don't think that you asked anything difficult of them. Why don't you say it the Kalimah so that 1 may be permitted to intercede for you on the Day of Qiyaamah. By Allaah! He is best aware of those who are deserving to be rightly guided and who deserve to be guided to Imaan. There is one unknown narrator in the chain of narrators. W j narrates that Rasulullaah came to see his uncle Abu Taalib when he was about to pass away.

Rasulullaah said to him, "0 my beloved uncle! He is best aware of those who are deserving to be rightly guided and who deserve to beguided to Imaan. As you well know, 1 have always listened to what you have to say I now wish that you would listen to me. Your people have come to me to complain that in their gatherings and a t the Kabah you tell them things that hurt them.

If you think it appropriate, you should stop doing this. Addressing Rasulullaah , he said further, "Have 1 Bukhari and Muslim, using a chain of narrators different from the narration just mentioned.

The complete text will Insha Allaah be quoted in the chapter that discusses the tolerancethat Rasulullaah and the Sahabah aWj practiced during times of difficulty. Stop telling the people things that they dislike. Rasulullaah said, "0my uncle! Even if the sun were placed in my right hand and the moon in my left hand, I would not forsake this work of propagation until Allaah makes it this Deen dominant or I am destroyed in the process.

The complete Hadith will now be mentioned. Hadhrat Jaabir bin Abdillaah k? When he meets Rasulullaah w He should speak to him and gauge the response. Are you better than Abdullaah your father? Utba continued, "Are you better than AbdulMuttalib yourgrandfather? However, if you think that you are better than them, then say so, s o that we may hear you.

We have never seen a youngster bringing more ill-fortune to his nation than yourself! You have split our community, disunited us, insulted our gods and disgraced us among the Arabs so much so that news has spread among them that the Quraysh have a magician and the Quraysh have a fortune-teller. We are s o disunited that All we are waiting for is a shout of pain like that of a pregnant woman before we begin opposing each other with swords and destroy each other.

If need a woman, you may choose any of the women of the Quraysh and let alone one, we shall marry ten of them to you. This Qur2an is A Book, the verses of which have been clearly explained a s a n Arabic Qur'aan, for a nation with knowledge.

Zt is A carrier of good news for the Mulmineen and a Warner forthe Kuflaar. However, instead oflistening to the warnings most of them turn away and do not listen They have no interest in accepting the truth. There is also a barrier between you and us, so do asyou please , we shall do as we please.

Revelation has been sent to me that your Ilaah is only One. So remain devoted t o Him a n d s e e k forgiveness from Him. Destruction Uahannam be to the Mushrikeen who do not pay zakaah and who disbelieve in the Aakhirah. On the other hand There shall certainly be an everlasting reward uannah for those who have Imaan and who do righteous deeds. It is He Who is the Rabb of the universe. Thereafter, Allaah turned Hisattention to the sky, which was smoke, and said to it, as well as to , the earth, "Come to Us submit to us willingly or unwillingly.

Allaah decorated the sky of the world with lanterns stars and made them a means of protection to be used to pelt the Shayaateen who attempt to eavesdrop on the conversations of the angels. This is the decree of the Mighty, the Wise. If they the KuTaar turn away, then say, "I warn you of a punishment like the punishment of the Aad and Thamud.

Do you have nothing else to say? When he met with the other members of the Quraysh, he said to them, "I told him everything you wanted me to tell him.

Utba started saying, "Yes," but then quickly said, "No! I understood nothing from what he said except that he warns us of a punishment like the punishment that afflicted the Aad and the Thamud. A man speaks to you in Arabic and you cannot understand what he says! I understood nothing except mention of the punishment that afflicted the Aad and Thamud. If they the Kuffaar turn away, then say, "I warn you of a punishment like the punishment of the Aad and Thamud.

To this Abu Jahal commented, "0Quraysh! It appears a s if Utba has taken to the religion of Muhammad and likes his food. There can be no other reason for this but that he has become poor. Let us go to see him. If you have become impoverished, we shall collect money for you so that you 1 Abd bin Humayd in his Musnad from Ibn Abi Shayba.

He then said to them, "You know well that I am one of the wealthiest people of the Quraysh. He started reciting: He continued reciting until he reached the verse: If they the Kuffaaar turn away, then say, "I warn you of a punishment like the punishment of the Aad and Thamud.

You know very well that Muhammad never lies when he speaks, s o I feared that the punishment would afflict you people. Utba bin Rabee'ah said to the rest, "Leave me to speak toohim for I shall perhaps be softer on him than the rest of you. He then said, "0 my nephew! I have no doubts that you are certainly from the best family and enjoy the most honour from all of us.

However, you have placed your people in a situation that no other has done to their people. If it is wealth that you want by propagating your message, your people will take the responsibility to ensure that they accumulate their wealth to make you the wealthiest person. If it is position that you want, we shall all honour you until there is none more honourable than you and we shall do nothing without your approval.

If you are doing this because you have been aflicted by evil spirits which you are unable to get rid of, then we shall spend all our fortunes until we grow helpless finding a cure for you. If it is leadership that you want, we shall make you our leader. Abu Nu'aym has also narrated such a Hadith in his Hilya Pg. Bayhaqi has mentioned that among the narrators is a person named Ajlah Kindi who is reliable according to Ibn Ma'een and others, but who Imaam Nasa'ee and some other scholars regard a s unreliable.

Besides him, the other narrators are reliable. However, Utba remained sitting with his hand behind him for support. Seeing him arrive, the others commented, "Utba is returning with a face quite different from the one he left you with. I spoke to him as you instructed but when I had finished, he spoke to me with words that I swear by Allaah, my ears have never heard before. I did not know what to say to him. Obey me this once even if you disobey me forever afterwards. Leave this man alone to himself because I swear by Allaah that he will never forsake what he is doing.

Allow him to do a s he pleases with the Arabs because if he is dominant over them, his honour would be yours and if they dominate him, your objective would be reached without your intervention. You have forsaken your religion. Part of the narration states. This tribe were from the Tihaamah region and were the friendliest tribe of the region towards the Muslims. He told Rasulullaah that they had just passed by the tribes of Aamir bin Luway and Ka'b bin Luway, who were camped at some of the springs of Hudaybiyyah.

They informed Rasulullaah that these tribes were ready to engage in battle with the Muslims and prevent them from coming to the Kabah. In fact they were so intent on fighting the Muslims that they had arrived with all their"resources and even those camels that were close to giving birth and those that had just given birth. Rasulullaah said, "I have not come to,fight anyone, but wish only to perform Umrah. It is surprising that the Quraysh want to fight because Fighting has already weakened them and caused them much harm.

If they want, we are prepared to enter into a treaty with them for a period. During this period, they should not interfere with my efforts on the people. If I dominate over the people if they accept Islaam , the Quraysh have the choice of entering into the Deen which the others have entered into. On the other hand, if people get the upper hand over me, the Quraysh will have no worries. However, if the Quraysh refuse to accept Islaam and insist on fighting , then I swear by the Being in Whose control my life lies, I shall fight them for the sake of this Deen until either my 1 Ibn Is'haaq a s mentioned in A1 Bidaayah wan Nihaayah Vo1.

Bayhaqi has also quoted the Hadith brieflv from Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Urnar! Why do they rather not allow me t o continue my work among the people without interference? If the other Arabs gain the upper hand over me and finish me off, the heartfelt desire of the Quraysh will be accomplished. On the contrary, if Allaah grants me victory over the other Arabs, the Quraysh will also enter the fold of Islaam. However, if the Quraysh refuse to accept Islaam and still have the strength to fight me, what do they think?

I swear by Allaah that I shall fight them for the sake of that Deen which Allaah has sent me with until Allaah grants me victory or this head is separated from my body. He is suffering from pain in his eyes. His eyed were immediately cured and it appeared as if he had never suffered any pain at all. Rasulullaah then handed the flag over to him. Then invite them to accept Islaam, explaining to them the rights due to Allaah that are compulsory for them to fulfil.

If Allaah uses you to guide. I swear by Allaah that I shall tight for the sake of this Deen which Allaah has sent me with until Allaah grants me victory or this head is separated from my body. Muslim has also reuorted a similar narration in Vo1. However, he Hadhrat Miqdaad Ls! For what reason are you talking to him so much? He shall never accept Islaam!

Allow me to execute him s o that he may reach his destination in Jahannam! I then told myself that I had done s o only for the welfare of Allaah and His Rasool. The messenger returned with a message from Wahshi stating, "0 Muhammad! How can you call me to Islaam when you say that a murderer, a Mushrikeen and an adylmer shall meet with a grave punishment and this punishment will be multiplied for them on the Day of Qiyaamah where they shall remain disgraced in it forever 3.

I have committed all of these crimes, so is there any scope for me?

Thepunishment oflahannamis for all murderers, Mushrikeen and adulterers Except for those who sincerely repent, accept Imaan and perform good actions. For such people Allaah will convert their sins into good deeds. L 6 Verily Allaah does not forgive that Shirk be committed, but may forgive all sins besides this for whom He wills. I do not know whether I shall be forgiven or not. Is there any other scope for me? Say, "0 My bondsmen who have wronged their souls by committing kulr or other sins!

Verily, Allaah forgives all sins.

Hayat-Us-Sahaba-urdu- Complete 3 parts in PDF

We had also committed the sins that Wahshicommitted Doesthisverse apply to us as well? They said, 'What you are saying and calling towards seems extremely good. Do tell us if there is any expiation for our sins? Haythami Vo1. Never lose hope of Allaah's mercy. Welcoming him at the door, Hadhrat Faatima G? She then began weeping. It is because I see your face so pale and your clothing so tattered because of the strenuousness of the journey.

It the Deen shall reach wherever t h e night reaches everywhere. Allaah shall enter this Deen into every baked and unbaked home with either great honour or terrible disgrace. Allaah will grant the honour to lslaam and the people of Islaam, while the disgrace will go to kufr and its people. Those who accepted Islaam were blessed with good, honour and respect while those who remained Kuffaar suffered disgrace, humiliation and had to pay the Jizya. A similar Hadith is also narrated by Muslim Vol.

Abu Dawood Vo1. Refer to Ilaythami Vo1. They have renounced Islaam and joined up with the Mushrikeen. Their only treatment is their execution. XG said, "I prefer getting hold of them alive and well to all the gold and silver in the world. What would you do with them if you got hold of them alive? If they accept, I would accept i t from them, otherwise 1 would hand them over to the prison.

When Hadhrat Umar! A person who had become a Muslim, reverted to kufr. Hadhrat Umar! He may then have repented and re-entered Allaah's Deen. I was not present there.

This he had done several times already. In response, Hadhrat Umar S3! You should therefore present Islaam to him again. If he accepts, you should set him free, otherwise you may execute him. Tabraani has also reported a similar narration from Hadhrat Miqdaad 3W. Bayhaqi a s also reported a similar Hadith Vo1. Someone called the monk and told him that the Ameerul Mu'mineen was there. When the monk peeped out, the effects of difficulty, exertion and forsaking the world were clearly apparent on his face he had grown extremely pale and haggard on account of his spiritual exertions.

Looking at him, Hadhrat Umar? He shall enter the blazing fire. Why do they accuse you of speaking ill of their forefathers? Hadhrat Abu Bakr k! Is it true what the Quraysh are saying about you forsaking our gods, calling us foolish and referring to our forefathers a s infidels?

I am Allaah's Rasul and Nabi. Allaah has sent me to propagate His message. With conviction I am calling you towards Allaah. This is certainly the truth.

I call you towards the One Allaah who has no partner. He accepted Islaam, forsook idols, renounced all partners in worship and attested to the truth of Islaam. Z returned from his meeting with Rasulullaah as a true Mu'min. When I - mentioned Islaarn to him, he neither hesitated nor expressed any doubts but accepted immedittely. Therefore, as soon as Rasulullaah? In fact, Bukhari narrates a Hadith in which it is reported that when there was once an argument between Hadhrat Abu Bakr and Hadhrat Umar!

For my sake, will you people not leave this friend of mine alone and refrain from causing him any sorrow! It is mentioned in that narration that when Hadhrat Umar came t o Rasulullaah? Why have you come? I once came to him a s he s a t in a house near Safa and sat before him. Taking hold of my collar, Rasulullaah? Accept Islaam.

Guide him. I began staring at him because in those days there was some mention of his Nabuwaat. Turning to me, he asked, What seems to be the matter, 0 Uthmaan? Allaah is witness to the fact that I shuddered at this. Haythami has commented in Vol. However, some scholars do regard him to be reliable. Bazzaar has also narrated the narration from different sources. His Hadith will be mentioned soon, Insha Allaah. The time for Qiyaamah has been fixed but has not been made known to man.

By the Rabb of the sky and the earth, this coming of Qiyaamah is certainly the truth just as it is true that you can speak. I left after him, met him and accepted Islaam. Hadhrat Ali asked Rasulullaah m, "0 Muhammad! What is this? I call you towards the One Allaah Who has no partner. I call you to worship Him Alone and to renounce both Laat and Uzza.

I cannot decide anything until I speak to Abu Taalib. If you are not going to accept Islaam, keep this a secret. Early next morning, he set out to meet Rasulullaah. When he met Rasulullaah , he said, "What was it that you presented to me, 0 Muhammad? He concealed his acceptance of Islaam and did not make it known to anyone. He arrived suddenly one day a s Rasulullaah and I were performing salaah in the Valley of Nakhla. He asked, "0 my nephew!

What are the two of you doing?

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Referring to the Sajdah posture, Abu Taalib then said, 'There is no harm in what you are doing but I cannot allow my buttocks to ever rise above me". Hadhrat Ali B,Wjwas chuckling at these words of his father and then said, " 0 Allaah! Besides your Nabi m, no servant of this Ummah has worshipped you before me. He replied, "Even during the Period of Ignorance, I realised that people were astray and I had no regard for idols. When I heard about a person in Makkah who was informing about many happenings and saying many things, I rode to Makkah.

Upon reaching Makkah, I realised that Rasulullaah was in hiding and that his people were unashamedly harassing him. I therefore employed subtle tactics and finally managed to meet him. When he replied in the affirmative, I asked, 'What message has Allaah sent you with? I then said, 'I shall follow you in this. Rather go home and come to meet me when you hear that I 6ave become dominant. I asked them, 'What is the condition of the person from Makkah who has come to you people? As we left, people were flocking to him.

Do you recognise me? Teach me something that Allaah has taught you and which I do not know. He says that he once asked Rasulullaah m, "With what message did Allaah send you? I make you a witness that I have accepted Imaan and that I accept you as a true Nabi. May I now stay with you if you decide that this is appropriate. Eiwas one of the first people t o accept Islaam. He was of the first of his brothers to accept Islaam. In his dream he saw himself standing on the edge of a blazing fire.

He mentioned that the fire was so large that only Allaah knows its vastness. This scene frightened him s o much that he woke up with the shock. When he awakened, he said to himself, "This is definitely a true dream. The interpretation of your dream is You will follow him and enter into Islaam with him. Thereafter this Islaam will save you from entering the fire of the Jahannam where your father is at the moment.

I call you to renounce your worship of stones that cannot hear, cannot cause harm, they cannot be of benefit to you for they do not even know those who worship them from those who do not worship them! Hadhrat Khaalid bin Sa'eed! When his father discovered that he had accepted Islaam, he sent someone to look for him. When the person brought him before his father, his father rebuked him a very harshly and started beating him with the whip he had in his hand.

He beat Hadhrat Khaalid W3W so severely that the whip broke as it struck his head. His father then said, "By Allaah! I shall not give you anything to eat! I According to another narration his father sent their slave Raafi to look for him along with Hadhrat Khaalid s? When they found him, they brought him to his father Abu Uhayha. His father started rebuking him and beating him with a whip that he carried in his hand. He beat him so severely that the whip broke on his head.

His father then said, "Do you follow Muhammad when he opposes his people and finds faults with their gods and their forefathers who have passed away? He's speaking the truth and I follow him. Go whenever you please. I swear by Allaah that I shall stop fedding you. Do not remove the illness from him. BW3 narrates that Hadhrat Dimaad was a man from the Azdishanu'ah tribe who used to cure insane people and people affected with evil spirits using some words that he recited.

He had heard some foolish people of Makkah saying that Muhammad was an insane man. He said to them, "where is this man? Perhaps Allaah will cure him at my hand. Indeed Allaah has cured at my hand those people whom He wished to cure.

Come let me cure you a s well. We praise Him and seek help from Him. There can be none to misguide the person whom Allaah has guided and there can been none to guide the person whom Allaah has caused to go 1 Bayhaqi, as quoted in Al Bidaaya wan Nihaaya Vol. I 2 Haakim in his Mustadrak V0l. I testify that there is none worthy of worship besides the One Allaah Who has no partner. However, I have never heard such words before.

Give me your hand s o that I may pledge allegiance to you o n Islaam. Abu Jahal said, "This man has disunited us. He makes us look foolish and claims that those of us who have passed away were misguided. He also insults our gods. If you wish, I can cure you a s well. Do not think that your illness is of great concern because I have cured people who were even more ill than you are. I have just come from some of your people who have nothing good to say about you. They say that you are insane, that you have caused disunity amongst them and that you refer to their forefathers as being misguided.

They also'say that you insult their gods. I have therefore come to the conclusion that only an insane person would do such things. I praise Him and seek help from Him. I believe in Him and have complete trust in Him. There can be none to misguide the person whom Allaah has guided and there I Muslims and Bayhaqi as quoted in A1 Bidaaya wan Nihaaya vol.

I testijl that there is none worthy of worship besides the One Allaah Who has n o partner. I testify that Muhammad is the servant of Allaah and His Rasul. Gsays that he had never heard such words from anyone before. He then requested Rasulullaah? I absolve myself from worshipping idols and I testify that I am the Rasul of Allaah.

Rasulullaah said, "You shall receive Jannah. Hadhrat Dimaad! I remove the idols from my neck and express that I have absolved myself from them. I also testify that youare certainly the servant and Rasul ofAllaah. Thereafter I returned to my people. The army got some camels from a certain place and were taking them along as they went. When Hadhrat Husayn? SMsaid, 'What is happening here? The news has reached me that you insult our gods whereas your father was a devout and excellent man.

Tell me how many gods you worship? According to the research of Haafidh Suyuti as mentioned in his articles, both the parents of Rasulullaah were brought back to life and they both accepted Imaan. The narration mentioned above recounts an incident which took place some time before this. Do you have permission from the gods in the sky to associate. Or are you afraid of these other gods thinking that they will harm you if you do not associate them a s partners?

Become a Muslim and you will live in peace. What would they say if I accept Islaam? What am I to do now? I seek your guidance towards that which is more correct and increase me in knowledge that will benefit me.

At that instant, his son Hadhrat Imraan! He did not stand for his father nor pay any attention to him when he entered a s a Kaafir. However, he fulfilled the right of his father once his father entered the fold of Islaam. The man said, "Are you the Nabi of Allaah? He is the One Who removes your difficulty when you call to Him. It is He Who causes your crops to grow when you call to Him to remove your drought. It is He Who responds to your prayer when you call Him at the time when you are lost in a rocky land without transport.

I have not come to you before this because I have sworn more times than my fingertips can count that I shall never come to you and never accept your religion. However, Allaah has now sent me to you So here I am with no knowledge of that which Allaah has given you save very little. I ask you in the name of Allaah's great countenance to tell me what Allaah has sent you with.

It also entails that you establish salaah and pay Zakaah. Every Muslim deserves respect and every two Muslims are brothers to each other and help one another.

When a Mushrik accepts Islaam, his deeds will be accepted from him only when he separates himself from the other Mushrikeen. Why should I be grabbing hold of your waists to save you from Jahannam? My Rabb shall call me on the Day of Qiyaamah and ask me, 'Did you convey the message of Islaam to my servants?

I have certainly conveyed it. Those present here must convey the message to those who a r e absent. You will then be called forward on the day of Qiyaamah with your mouths sealed. The first thing to speak will be a person's thigh followed by his hands. Is this our Deen? Wherever you may practise on it properly, it will suffice for you. So I left and found myself close to Rome according to another narration he said, "So I left and went to the Caesar".

However, I disliked this place more than I disliked the coming of Rasulullaah. I then said to myself, 'By Allaah! Why do I not rather meet this person. If he is a liar, it will not harm me in the least. The meaning does not change either way. Haythami Vol. The other narrators are all reliable. Accept Islaam and stay in peace. I said to him, 'But I already follow a Deen. Are you not. I said, 'True.

I am also well aware of the thing that prevents you from accepting Islaam. You say that only simple people who have no influence follow him; people whom the Arabs have cast out. Do you know the place Heera? I have certainly heard about it.

Hayat – us – Sahabah (Urdu) – 3 Volumes – By Shaykh Muhammad Yusuf Kandhelvi (r.a) |

Allaah shall bring this propagation of Islaam to such completion and the land will be s o safe that a veiled woman shall leave from Heera all alone and perform Tawaaf of the Kabah without the need of having someone accompany her.

Without doubt, the treasures of Kisra bin Hurmuz shall also be conquered. In addition to this, wealth will be s o freely spent that there will be none to take it. I swear by the Being in whose control is my life, the third prophesy shall also come true because Rasulullaah said it. They captured some people along with Hadhrat Adi t's aunt. When they were brought before Rasulullaah and lined up before him, his aunt said, "0 Rasulullaah? My breadwinner has gone missing, my children are no more and I am just an old woman who cannot be of any service.

Be kind to me and Allaah will be kind to you. Baghawi has also narrated the report as mentioned in lsaaba Vol. Hadhrat Adi B,UW continues the story. He says, "When my aunt came back, she said to me, 'Your father would have never done what you did deserting me like that.

I then proceeded to meet Rasulullaah m. I gathered from this that he was neither like the king Kisra nor like the Caesar but much more approachable. He said to me, '0 Adi bin Haatim! What made you run away? Did the thought of saying that there is none worthy of worship but Allaah make you run away? Is anyone worthy of worship but Allaah? Did the thought of saying Allaah is the Greatest make - you run away? Rasulullaah f then praised Allaah and said to the people, '0 people!

Everyone of you shall stand before Allaah on the Day of Qiyaamah and Allaah shall ask him exactly a s I am telling you now. Allaah shall say, 'Did I not bless you with the faculties of hearing and seeing?

Did I not give you wealth and children? What have you sent ahead from this? A person will then look in front of him and look behind him. He will look to his right and look to his left but he will find nothing there. He shall have nothing to save him from the fire of Jahannam besides the countenance of Allaah. Therefore, save yourselves from the fire of Jahannam even though it be with a piece of the date that you give a s charity.

If you do not even have this much, then do s o by speaking a kind word to a beggar. Verily I do not fear poverty overcoming you for Allaah shall certainly assist you and shall certainly bestow his bounties upon you according to another narration he said, "Allaah shall certainly grant you many conquests" until the time comes when a veiled woman shall travel between Heera and Madinah or even a greater distance without the fear of being robbed while sitting in her carriage.

Tirmidhi has also narrated the Hadith and classified it a s "Hasan, Ghareebnwithout knowing whether it is narrated by anyone besides Sammaak. I have brought for me the foal of my horse Qar'haa so that you may use it for yourself.

Will you not accept Islaam to become among the first to accept Islaam? Take the man's satchel and fill it with Ajwa dates as a provision for his journey.

I was with my family in a place called Ghowr when a rider arrived. I asked him, 'What have people been doing? Muhammad has taken control of the Kabah and is living there. If only I had accepted Islaam that day. I shall now watch developments.

If you get the upper hand over your people, I shall accept Imaan and follow you. However, if they get the upper hand over you, I shall not be following you. Abu Dawood has also narrated a part of it. It was the practice of Rasulullaah. Rasulullaah went to the graveyard called Baqee and said, "peace be on you, 0 home of the Mu'mineen! We shall soon be joining you for we all belong to Allaah and shall return to Him. You people have certainly met with extreme good and have been saved from immense evil.

I was afraid that no calamity should befall you or that some creature should not harm you. The downloader was saying to the seller, 'Make me a good deal on this download. He was extremely handsome with a broad forehead, slender nose, fine eyebrows and a black line of hair running from his chest to his navel.

He was wearing two old sheets of cloth. Tell this seller to make a good deal with me. All I want is to meet Allaah on the Day of Qiyaamah without any of you claiming from me any wealth, any blood or any honour that I may have wrongfully taken from you. Allaah showers His mercy on a person who is lenient when he sells, lenient when he downloads, lenient when he takes, lenient when he gives, lenient when he pays his debts and lenient' when he asks for payment. I must certainly have to find out about this man 1 Ibn Asaakir, Tabraani and Bayhaqi who also quote the following words of Rasulullaah , "0 Basheer!

Will you not praise Allaah who brought you to Islaam from among a nation who claim that had it not been for their presence, the earth would be turned upside down with all its inhabitants. I responded by saying, 'These are excellent things you are calling towards. However, it was not long that he became more beloved to me than even my children, my parents and all of hankind. I then said to him, 'I have understood. He asked, 'Do you testify that there is none worthy of worship but Allaah, that I Muhammad am the Rasul of Allaah and do you believe in everything revealed to me?

I then asked him, 'There is an oasis where many people are settled. His ancestry dates back to Hazrat Ibrahim Abraham pbuh. Get Price What is the name of son hazrat yousuf as What is the name of son hazrat yousuf as? The story of hazrat yousuf in urdu? S Urdu for Android Free Download Firstly, it is the only place in the Qur'an where the story of the Prophet Yusuf 'alayhi salaam is mentioned. No other surah mentions the story of the Prophet Yusuf 'alayhi salaam.

Hazrat Yousuf A. S Movie in Urdu Archives Analysis and It seems we can't find what you're looking for. Perhaps searching can help.

S Urdu. In fact, even the name of the Prophet Yusuf occurs only once or twice in passing in Surah Al-An'am and Surah Ghaafir, but there is no story at all. The stories about what happened with the Yusuf 'alayhi salaam only occur in this particular surah. Secondly, it is the only surah in the Qur'an Check out our top 10 list below and follow our links to read our full in-depth review of each online dating site, alongside which you'll find costs and features lists, user reviews and videos to help you make the right choice.

Some parts are unfinished, but we are working on them! Full Documentary ,. Mjhay Hazrat yousaf Alehisalam ka mukamal qisa urdu me chahy. PDF me ho ya images ki shakal me. Koi bhai help kr de. Khuda apko jazay kher de. S among his sons the most because he was noble and very intelligent since childhood.