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    by tere liye pdf | indonesia ebookdownload novel bintang pdf -tere liye and amelia. novel tere liye amelia pdf karya tere liye cetakan ke gmt download novel bintang pdf -tere liye - fun ebook preparing the books pdf. .. eliana serial anak-anak mamak, buku 4, and amelia. novel. bab iii profil tere liye dan deskripsi novel amelia - tere liye adalah salah satu pdf ebook - gwig - pdf novel tere liye - trekouthemsogold.tkess - sehingga novel .

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    Novel Amelia Tere Liye Pdf

    amelia tere liye arvind gupta, arvindguptatoyscom gallery of books and toys novel tere liye amelia pdf karya tere liye cetakan ke-2 yang diterbitkan oleh. GMT amelia tere liye pdf | Sinopsis Novel Amelia | Lilis Sujianto. Download Online? Amelia [PDF] by Tere Liye in. novel indonesia. tere liye lahir di lahat, indonesia, 21 mei sixesapp - amelia tere liye pdf tere liye, nama yang rasanya sudah tidak.

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    This is described in the exposure section below. Experience is an activity that is considered meaningful and unique. Hadimadja ; p. Others here, sourced from objects and human beings. Objects become meaningless if it can draw the heart and has a distinctive impression. And from man, obtained through communication with others, such as the resource person, Najma and Angelina, making the time chatting with friends as a material. This explained Hadimadja ; p.

    And how to talk that person will add to the knowledge in describing the society, through the mind of any layer within the community. Interviewees have the inspiration derived from the readings. Most interviewees, like the author of Tere Liye.

    Of the 6 speakers, 4 authors mention Tere Liye works that these values. According to them, the writings of Tere Liye are easy to read, plain language, readers and puitif. In addition, most of the work of Tere Liye figure children. So, when they read the works of Tere Liye, they like reading the story of a friend of his own. The work of Tere Liye became the inspiration of the story or the characters in his writing.

    For example, the resource person, Kidung. He inspired the character "Pak Bin", a teacher in village in the novel "Amelia. According to him, the book "Amelia" so inspired him in writing. Experience and inspiration for the imagination, is the result of a routine that had carried out the speakers. Experience resulting from the sharp eyesight and hearing a speaker around the environment. They see everyday life that is interesting and worth to be discussed. In addition, the inspiration derived from the activity of reading.

    The author sees that they have an interest in reading high. It supported the parents always provides readings at home. They stated that parents are always invited them to a book store and then download the book each week. Not only that, the family in the house also have a penchant for reading. And this is contagious and an inspiration to the speakers. IDEA Imagination was born, and then out came the idea. In pouring ideas, three interviewees, Angelina, Nadia, and Alir, process thinking and has an idea.

    novel tere liye amelia pdf

    The thought process is the time contemplating the idea of writing at waiting time to write. Angelina thought of the idea that he has appropriate experience. So that the reader is not bored. He thought about the details about the whole idea to be written. And comparing those ideas with experience. As it turns out, this becomes excess writings owned resource. The existence of a knowledge of the details in the writings of ideas has helped him master the circumstances that will be shown in the story.

    So the story that will be written into a complete and logical. Intact in the display of the story. Logical and appropriate environmental conditions around. In contrast to Angelina, Nadia and Alir of ideas pouring into different media.

    Nadia getting ideas poured into paper. Meanwhile, Alir, pouring ideas getting into digital media, namely, memo or note in hanphone.

    Alir uses HP as an ide storage.

    This is because the HP digital objects are always brought to nowhere. Mind Folders is sorting idea is irrelevant and may be just simply written the page only. So, sorting help remind the author of the idea it takes against KKPK and not.

    The second resource is in use "mind mapping", just write your keywords only. According to Nadia, "bottom line only. The use of keywords help both interviewees generally write about ideas that will be written to avoid forgetting until the idea disappeared. According to findings in the field, when writing resource using the draft text and do a comparison of the writing.

    All interviewees agree that they directly write stories on a laptop or computer. The computer into the media, write to pour the idea. They write a story from beginning to end without editing it first. This draft-related writings that became the target deadline. The existence of a deadline, it is used as, "one of the ways of completing the writing.

    And it helps continue the habit of writing " Dewi Lestari in Achmad and Setiawan, ; p. KKPK have pages that need to be taken from the author amounted to 45 pages. Thus, the speaker must divide the number of pages with a travel time of writing so that time with the completion of the writing. So, every day you write 5 pages. Of the 4 speaker, they compared the writings of Tere Liye. And the two interviewees, comparing his writing to the works of other writers KKPK.

    A comparison of this writing they do to improve the quality of the writing, which judging from how to make a metaphor, the selection of diction and others. So the comparisons help interviewees in writing. However, the resource while maintaining the characteristic of his writings.

    They do not follow the style of the author who made a referral. This can be said as a comparative study, a step to quantifying results. Unique idea 2. Positive moral Writing 3. Modern Mizan 4. The paper interpreted the writing, which is ready to be sent to the Publisher Mizan.

    However, the script underwent revision in advance at the dilkaukan author's own home, family, and close friends.

    The revision process is done by yourself, in the form of a customized writing checking, Ejaan Yang Disesuaikan EYD , the use of sentences of each paragraph, and disappearances of sentences repeated.

    They do this in order to be comfortable writing results read by the readers. While the revisions done family, they use the services for the elderly, namely the father, to reread the writing results. And revision by the closest of friends performed by writing coach, to look at the punctuation. My family and closest friends just give input about the intricate use of letters and punctuation. They never give feedback about kelogisan content writing.

    This match was said to be Olivia ; p. Don't give comment, how his ugly or weird story, and then give the criticism here and there so that the writing be good. This condition even made the children do not dare any more to write. Better let the first what was written. So also from the surrounding environment.

    For example, from big brother, nanny or teacher. They better give you an appreciation for the writing that made the child ". They only make comments on the use of punctuation marks and letters in each paragrafnya. This was done because they do not want to change the idea and limit imagination that has been stated in writing.

    After finishing writing the revised script to set up the speakers, published to the Publisher Mizan. They prepared the manuscript file and print. The script file is inserted in the CD or emailed to editors. And the paper printed form, prepared after the script diprint and indexed. Then dikirimlah the manuscript through a document delivery service.

    Ide unik 2. Pesan moral Tulisan positif Penerbit 3. Tidak Naskah menyinggung SARA After the paper received from Mizan Publisher, editorial team selects the child will be the manuscript with a load of 4 criteria. First, a script that was sent.

    This means that the original idea of the work of the author.

    novel tere liye amelia pdf - Find PDF Files

    Second, in the manuscript there is a positive moral messages. Third, the contents of the script following the development of modern information or referred to. Fourth, in the script there is a nice moral message, where does not allude to elements of SARA.

    On the other hand, the editorial team first ruled out the use of child EYD, punctuation and writing sentences. For budding writers, focusing on ideas in texts written author. Ramadan, editors of the child, saying, "let the rest of their ideas.

    Installer and Portable version

    This child dialogs. Although his plot not clear, but at the end there's a moral message that want delivered. Ramadan, Editors as Children, explaining that the editorial team has a database for budding writers, consisting of two columns. The first column, or the first level, is a list of writers who recently issued a paper. Editors treat different types of the first author. They should learn from the work of the first editorial, for example, make a group on facebok, via the inbox they attract parents to know what things should be revised.

    Whereas, the second column or the second level, contains a list of authors who have issued two work. The editor noticed that the author at level two, EYD usage, punctuation, direct and indirect dialog are correct performed.

    The editor does this in order to make the script better and flows reads Writers, and readers KKPK got lessons from the first level. So the editorial team eases in the revised manuscript KKPK. The author presents the results of research into the creative process of writing from experience writing resource below.

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